20.15 Long Key, near Marathon, Fl. Keys.

Wed 25 Apr 2012 03:06

24:50.095N 80:47.084W

Sorry..to continue the unfinished tale..Well, we woke up 0500, and Key West marinas were all sold out due to weather, and we had to get off the fuel dock. Boat was scratched and bumped all night with 25-35K winds, and we found a place in  a marina 6 miles down the coast. Arrived there around 0900 exhausted, and after doing what we needed to do, crashed out and slept for the 1st time proper in a few days. Had a great time showing the boys the delights of Key West Sun/Mon, and Key West Yacht Club Marina is new and very pleasant (insert expensive). Managed a great meal at a very good restaurant, and the night then reverted to blues music, loud bars, dueling pianos, wailing guitars and an non too steady 0300 return to the boat. Canvas roof repaired next day, re fuelled, and preparing to go. Julian and Gustavo headed back to Playa this AM (many thanks to both for their help and assistance), while Victor and I continue the good fight North. Left at 10.30 and had a wonderful days sailing. One of those rare moments in cruising.flat sea, perfect 15k wind from the right direction, and lovely weather (although record low temperatures here!)

Now anchored in a secluded bay and after steak and chips and bottle of Argentine Malbec (cheers Gustavo!) off to bed. 6am start, target Miami by tomorrow night. 12-14hrs. Coconut Grove?

Night Night.