Washing machine AGAIN!!!

Sun 29 Aug 2010 02:07
15:54.931N 95:26.904W
Saturday  4:57 PM 
Hello All,
We started again our journey when we left finally the Marina of Chahue at 10:00am  and had very little wind of course on our nose and flat calm and nice very nice seas up until about 1 hour where we have started our washing programm. 
Not sure what is coming this evening of course (as much as we guess or think it may all change but hopefully for the best!).
Will send this update mainly to show at least where we are now.
The catamaran delivery who were supposed to come with/by us are still out of site but I am sure they will catch up since they have some more feet than we do and therefore will surely pass us sometime soon?
bye for now, moving like mad and had to turn this offfff!