Day 1

Ocean Gem
Geoff & Eileen Mander
Mon 8 May 2017 14:52
Date: Sunday 7th May 2017
Time: Midday
Position: 21:07.56N 64:50.536W
Distance to Bermuda: 672 NM

We maintained full sail all through the night and into the morning. We made excellent progress with winds F4/5 from E/SE. The weather stayed clear and warm with just one squall during the night to test our resolve as to whether or not to reef. So far the conditions have been close to perfect.

We've had a current from behind pushing us along which has been very welcome, but has made it difficult to get an accurate measurement of distance run. However when we left Tortola the distance to Bermuda was 845 NM so our current distance off would indicate that during the last 24 hours we have covered 173 NM. I'm very pleased with this performance.