Ballast Bay, St Kitts

Ocean Gem
Geoff & Eileen Mander
Mon 13 Jan 2014 02:38

Date: Monday January 13th 2014

Position: 17:14.374N 062:39.588W


After spending several days locked in the marina at Basseterre on Sunday 12th January the winds finally subsided enough for us to be able to escape from our berth there.  We decided to sail the short distance south to a delightful spot called ‘Ballast Bay’.  It lies near the southern end of St Kitts, just north of a couple of places called Shitten Bay and Bugs Hole, which strangely enough did not sound attractive enough to entice us there.  It was quite sheltered and even though the wind continued to howl we were well protected.


Just ashore is a large inland lagoon which is in the process of being developed in to a resort that will be similar to the ones we have visited in Antigua and St Lucia. Having said that work seems to be progressing at a glacial place.  A passage has been cut through to the ocean, allowing small craft to enter and some of the ground level infrastructure has been laid, but other than that it still looks like a fairly wild place with lots of native flora and fauna in evidence.


We spend a couple of days there swimming and snorkelling from the boat and taking the dinghy into the lagoon for walks around the lagoon.