Case Pilot

Ocean Gem
Geoff & Eileen Mander
Thu 11 Apr 2013 21:37

Position: 14:38.445N 61:08.352W

Date: Thursday 11th April 2013


We upped anchor and sailed about 4 miles along the coast to a small fishing port called Case Pilot.  There is a Volvo Penta service centre there, one of the few in the Caribbean so we took the opportunity to have the engine serviced.  It’s undeveloped and quite sleepy and with a distinctive Normandy influence to some of the buildings.





We were there for the best part of 3 days and each day the fishermen, working together, would use their boats to set nets about 200 or 300 metres off the beach, then slowly drag them ashore.  It looked like a lot of work, and involved a fair number of people, and you would think that the frequent sweep of the same area would have removed from the sea everything that swam in it.  However they did manage to pull out a decent size rainbow runner plus a bucketful of small fish, although I would suspect that this was not enough to reward everyone who contributed to the exercise.