Up the River, Bridgetown

Ocean Gem
Geoff & Eileen Mander
Thu 24 Jan 2013 14:00

Position: 13:05.757N 59:36.819W

Date Thursday 24th January 2013


Unfortunately soon after Eileen arrived she started to feel unwell.  Carlisle Bay was particularly rolly and this combined with the medication she was taking was making her feel quite queasy.   This created a bit of a quandary as Barbados lacks any sort of marina or secure harbour for small boats and we are too far away from other Caribbean islands with good boating facilities, to consider sailing there whilst Eileen does not feel so good.


However help was at hand in the form of Andy Porter from the Barbados Cruising Club who with Billy Fergusson were very helpful in arranging a berth for us in the small river that runs through Bridgetown into Carlisle Bay.  We are now moored just beyond the small lifting bridge in the inner basin right in the centre of Bridgetown.  There is still a considerable surge in here but it is much more comfortable that being out in the anchorage and it is so much easier for Eileen to get on and off the boat.  Our location puts us probably no more than 200 meters away from the old parliament building, in fact it would be difficult to be more central.


Here are a couple of pictures of central Bridgetown, including the old parliament building:




The small river running through town into Carlisle Bay:




And here is Ocean Gem in her new ‘down town’ quarters: