Gilligan's Island, Puerto Rico

Ocean Gem
Geoff & Eileen Mander
Mon 23 Feb 2015 14:29

Date: Tuesday 23rd February 2011

Position: 17:56.889N 66:52.373W


On Tuesday morning we were rested and ready to go, so upped anchor determined to sail all of the way to our next stop aong the south coast of Puerto Rico, wherever that turned out to be.  We had used the engine far too much over the preceding few weeks.  As we left the anchorage we heard radio traffic between our friends on the ‘three musketeers’ and realised that they were less than a mile away from us.  Once again we had chosen the same day and time to make our way to the next anchorage.


We had an excellent sail around Cabo Rojo, even though the wind got quite strong at one point.  As we rounded the point we went onto a close reach and tacked our way along the coast, staying well clear of the reefs inshore of us. By the afternoon we were approaching Gilligan’s Island, an anchorage we knew from our previous time in the area, and decided to call in there for the night.  The three musketeers had decided to duck in to an anchorage a little further west of us.


We dropped the anchor in the well sheltered bay and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.