Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke

Ocean Gem
Geoff & Eileen Mander
Mon 3 Mar 2014 22:12

Position: 18:26.508N 64:45.014W

Date: Monday 3rd March 2014


We were not keen to spend any longer in Cane Garden Bay, so early in the morning we slipped the mooring buoy and sailed north-westwards towards the island of Jost Van Dyke. Our original plan had been to go to White Bay (different place to the White Bay on Guana Island that we had visited a couple of days before) but reading the pilot it said that it could be rolly.  With memories of last night still fresh in our minds we decided to try Great Harbour instead.


Great Harbour was wonderful, a large horseshoe shaped inlet open to the south and surrounded by hills with low growing bush ashore.  In the evenings these gave off a wonderful herb scented aroma very reminiscent of the maquis in The Mediterranean. There were a few bars and restaurants ashore but not much else.




There is one thing that Great Harbour seems to be particularly famous for, and that is a bar called Foxy’s after its eponymous owner.   Before we had got to The Virgin Islands we had never heard of Foxy, or his bar.  But references to it seemed to be everywhere.  A lot of people told us that we had to take a look. 


After a couple of visits we still had no idea who Foxy was; we may have met him or we may not, we haven’t a clue.  And his bar really is nothing special, just like most other beach bars in the Caribbean. The ceiling space, under the corrugated iron roof, is bedecked with thousands of torn off ‘T’ shirts from just about all over the world.  Most of them seem to have been there for a long, long time and it would appear that his cleaner is banned from attempting to remove any of the grime that has accumulated on them over years.