Staniel Cay

Ocean Gem
Geoff & Eileen Mander
Mon 12 May 2014 18:00

Date: Monday 12th May 2014


Staniel Cay was a about a mile away from where we were anchored in The Bay of Pigs. To go there by dinghy took about 15 minutes although it was a wet and bumpy trip.  I’d been there before about 8 years ago on a short sail through the Bahamas with a friend on his catamaran so I was keen to see if it was still the same.


No much had changed.  It was still a chilled out place with relatively small and brightly coloured houses.  The yacht club was almost exactly as I remembered it.  They still served tasty but expensive lunches, which we indulged in a couple of times.  The ‘marina’ was still a simple affair consisting of little more than a number of wooden piles driven in to the seabed and with no shelter other than that provided by the island itself.  The water around the piles was still home to a large number of rays and large nurse sharks that loitered around in the shallows waiting for scraps of fish guts to be thrown by fisherman who were cleaning their daily catch at the water’s edge. Some of the sharks were 8 feet long:







Other views from around Staniel Cay:












The small creek at low tide:







We walked around the island a couple of times.  There was a particularly pleasant stroll across to the eastern side of the island where the Atlantic washed ashore: