George Town, Great Exuma Island, Bahamas

Ocean Gem
Geoff & Eileen Mander
Thu 1 May 2014 03:37

Position: 23:31.194N 75:45.534W

Date: Thursday 1st May 2014


When we went to Conception Island we had originally only planned to stay for a night, but the island was so mesmerising that we stayed longer.  However on

Wednesday morning we thought it best to move over to George Town as we were running out of provisions and we had not had internet access for several days so our weather forecasts were getting quite out of date.


We had a good sail over to The Exumas and entered the eastern entrance to the harbour.  From this entrance it is still a few miles through the sound to the anchorage and this took us a good hour, motoring slowly to try to spot any coral heads that may be in our way.   We eventually dropped anchor in Gaviota Bay on Stocking Island, just across the sound from George Town.  This is the first town of any size we have been in since we left the Turks & Caicos a couple of weeks ago and we were able to buy all of the food that we needed and a SIM card for my iPhone so we would have internet access for the rest of our stay in The Bahamas.