Ocean Gem
Geoff & Eileen Mander
Wed 26 Mar 2014 03:26

Position: 17:57.980N 66:37.137W

Date: Wednesday 26th March 2014


The winds were now too light to be able to sail downwind so we turned on the engine and motored the 6 or 7 miles to Ponce.  On the way we hooked yet another good sized baracuda but again cut the line rather than attempt to bring it back on board.  It’s a good job that I make the lures myself so that they are not too expensive to lose.


Ponce lies around the middle of a largish bay but  the anchorage is a couple of miles away from the centre of the city in a small harbour on the east side of the bay.  We managed to find a space to drop our anchor, and thought that we would go and take a look at the city the next day.  However more yachts started to turn up and we were soon surrounded by boats anchored a little too close to us.  This was a little suprising as the anchorages we had visited so far had been very quiet. With hardly any wind it was also starting to get stultifyingly hot.  So we decided not to go into town, but instead move on further down the coast to somewhere where we could anchor with space around us.