Little Bay, Antipoison Neck, Rappahannock River

Ocean Gem
Geoff & Eileen Mander
Mon 27 Oct 2014 03:19

Date: Monday 27th October 2014

Position: 37:38.232N 76:19.187W


We had another good sail down to the wide but shallow bay that lies close to Antipoison Neck.  The story is that Captain John Smith, one of the earliest English Settlers and the same person who married Pocahontas, was stung by a Stingray whilst wading in nearby shallows (at a place now called Stingray Point).   He became quiet ill and expected to die.  The local Indians carried him to the place now called Antipoison Creek and placed mud from the area on to his wound, which miraculously healed.


The anchorage was wide and only partly sheltered, but we were the only boat there and enjoyed a very peaceful night.