Position Update

Ocean Gem
Geoff & Eileen Mander
Mon 17 Dec 2012 12:00
Position 18:53.66N 23:04.66W
Date: Monday 17th December 2012
Time: Noon

We've made good speeds during the last 24 hours covering over 150 miles. The boat is going quite fast and we are all enjoying the experience. The winds have moderated a little since the weekend and we are now enjoying 20-24 knots from the NE to E. The seas have moderated correspondingly so life on board is a little more comfortable. As far as marine life is concerned we've seen a couple more turtles, a few flying fish and the occasional solitary petrel skimming the wave crests. We are now not far from The Cabo Verde Islands and are starting to look forward to a short period ashore.