S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Sun 19 Jun 2016 21:28

40:09.0 N            018:29.4 E


Sunday June 19



Forecast is no wind and flat seas for the 50 mile run to Italy. Les has anchor up at 08:00 and motors off with the crew snoozing below.


By 09:00 wind starts to fill in and we set sail on a tight reach. Breeze builds to 20 knots,  messy sea greater than the wind would suggest, reefs in, crew getting a bit pale. Throw on the engine to speed our progress up to 10 knots.


14:00 arrive in Otranto. No room along the mole or on the floating docks but lots of space to anchor in the North West corner of the harbour. The wind is North 15 – 18 . The harbour is open to the North East but we are tucked around enough to make it comfortable. Good holding.


Go ashore to a beautiful walled town. Lots of smart boutiques, restaurants, Italian tourists. Dinner in a street front restaurant. Watch the local high school band performing in the square. Great place.



Monday June 20, 2016


Hire a car and drive up to Lecce. Beautiful baroque churches in large walled town. Fabulous stone carving. Back at 17:00. Boat rocking a bit. Go aboard. Ken has a swim. Les plays with the water maker. Decide to have dinner aboard. Good idea as it rains 45 minutes later.