Ormos Phiskardo, N thilia, Little Vathi

S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Thu 30 Jun 2011 14:30
38:39..9n 020:46.9e

Thursday June 30

Ormos Phiskardo, N Thilia, Little Vathi

Move to Ormos Phiskardo, a bay ½ mile south of Fiskardo for breakfast and a
swim. Anchor in the midst of the bay. We circle our anchor several times in
the light winds and currents. Watch as several boats flounder with their
anchors and a boat manages to lay out over our anchor. No great crises as we
are able to re-set their anchor on our departure.

Sail north across to Lefkas channel and anchor off the southern end of the
east side of N Thilia for lunch and a swim. Beautiful spot and we seem
clear of the dreaded Meganisi wasps. Move on to our pre-arranged berth with
Yannis at Little Vathi. Good dinner at Port Vathi.

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