S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Sat 1 May 2010 16:41
Saturday May 1


Return to Agana with James Watlington, John & David Cooper, Curtis Begg and
Duncan Hedley Coates. Plan is to arrive Saturday, rig the sails Sunday
morning and then be off to Primosten (20mi) Sunday afternoon. Boat is a hive
of activity as Denis Bozan's crew finishes polishing the boat (should have
been done two weeks earlier). He had a rigger check things on Friday (same
comment). He tightened the rig significantly to 15% of boat's weight -
taking in shrouds about 3 inches. Backstay will not tighten sufficiently.
Denis says the rigger says the Navtec not working properly. I'm thinking,
the shrouds are shorter, the backstay has to be shortened. This would
require cutting 4 inches off the piston thread. Elaborate discussion about
how we are going to have it repaired and returned to us enroute. Denis feels
this can all be accomplished Monday. Thinking that we are leaving it in the
hands of professionals I go along with the plan.

Rig the main, Sunday morning with the assistance of Denis' crew. Wind picks
up and after snapping one lead line, re- feeding it down the mast and then
having someone inadvertently untie the new messenger whilst tidying up to
have it prance back up the mast we decide it is a job for lighter wind -
hopefully tomorrow morning Stove not getting gas - Denis says he will bring
a new cylinder in the morning.

Monday morning, Duncan and I jury rig 6 shackles to the inner forestay
tensioner and crank down the backstay. Looks like it will work (they are big
shackles ) but not a great feeling given there is a full on Jugo blowing (SW
25). We hoist the jib using the spin halyard. Furl it. Duncan up the mast
to re-feed the jib halyard and transfer the load. Everything works fine and
we are done in 20 minutes. Denis arrives with a camping gas bottle and
regulator which is fitted.

Further discussion on the backstay. I decide we're going to shorten it and
get on with it. 30 minutes later, the Navtec's back on, works a charm.

1515 Depart for Sibenik 35 Miles

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