S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Wed 4 Jul 2012 13:05


36:11.8N              29:38.5E


Wednesday July 4




Anchored stern to the south wall about half way down the harbour. Good depth, but there is a ground chain mid stream that we caught and had to get a diver’s help to free us on the way out. Anchors should be dropped well beyond the mid  stream nearer the working boats on the north side. That said, a diver was easy to find from the working boats on the north side, had it cleared in <10 minutes and was happy with 10TL. I suspect he’s done it many times before.


The owner of Smilie’s at the end of the harbour serves as harbour master and concierge. He brought us some bread in the morning.


Pretty town. Had dinner at Dolphin – disappointing. We probably should have gone to Smilie’s.