S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Tue 24 May 2011 20:46
38:10.8n 020:29.4e


Monday May 23

Motor south from Poros and navigate between the reef and the shore to get
around the south east corner of Kefalonia. There is a lot (250ft+) of GPS
deviation we have noted in the area so we proceeded though the unmarked
channel with caution. Once through, the wind picks up and we set sail along
the south shore. Fickle as it is the wind drops out an hour later and we
motor on to Agrostoli. We see the maxi Ithaka that we had been moored near
in Vanthi, tied stern to the south side of the Coast Guard dock so we drop
anchor with a lot of scope (70 m) and come alongside. All fine with the Port
Authority. Port fee for two nights 28E.

The Townleys head for the airport Tuesday morning and the Dinmores arrive
Tuesday afternoon. We arranged with 5asec +30 695 800 1770 to pick up and
return the laundry and it all came back ironed and beautifully cleaned.

Dinner Tuesday night at Casa Grec on the 2nd alley in from the harbour
front. Vicky and her husband are Greek Canadians who returned 16 years ago
and run a great restaurant. Very pretty garden. Good food.

Agrostoli is a nice town, nothing particularly quaint but tidy, plenty of
space to moor, good grocers, shops and restaurants and close to the
airport. E20 cab ride.

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