S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Tue 8 May 2012 13:52
38:25.8n 022:25.2e

Tuesday May 8 Itea

Sail then motor east in the Gulf of Corinth. Original plan was to head to
Galaxdia but the forecast breeze and looking at the chart of the small
harbour led us to choose Itea 5 miles north and closer to our planned
excursion to Delfi.

Itea has a large protected marine basin. There was lots of space. No working
electricity or water but minimal fees (E28). Nothing great about the town -
beach front resorts.

We organized taxi's to take us up to Delfi (E25 each way) and were more than
a bit annoyed to find it was closing at 3:00. Had a beer and returned to try
again the next morning.

The valley below Delfi is beautiful. A raised alluvial plain the is home to
the largest olive plantation in Greece. Delfi was worth the double trip -
fascinating sites and spectacular views.

Returned to the boat at 12:30 and took off for Corinth.

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