Antipaxos Paxos

S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Sat 2 Jul 2011 14:30
39:12.0n 020:11.1e

Antipaxos Paxos

Saturday July 2

Motor across from Preveza to Antipaxos and anchor near the north end of
Emerald beach in about 8 metres. Many day boats between us and shore along
with a few party boats backed into the rocks at both north and south
extremes of the small bay. Beautiful sand beach and lots of happy campers.
Kids swim into shore.

Continue on to Gaios 16:00 and find a spot stern to the quay near the ferry
dock. Disregard the small mooring float off the wall with no consequences.
Despite being into July there is still space in the inner harbour although
it is too shallow for us. Arrange water from Yanis +30 69744 84422. Dinner
at Taka Taka - fully priced but excellent local scorpion fish.

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