S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Sun 16 May 2010 15:44
44:52.4n 013:50.7e

Sunday May 16

Left Rovinj for Pula ( 12mi) in the rain. Not much wind so we motor all the
way. The rain stops but it remains cloudy. We arrive in Pula at 11:30. A
very different harbor from Porec and Rovinj. Very industrial, lots of
cranes, shipyards ,commercial fishing boats and boat docks. The sight of
the coliseum is marred by all the industrial clutter. We had a quick lunch
on the boat then off to see the coliseum. Interesting and well preserved.
We really enjoy the recorded tour. After the coliseum we headed up to the
Cathedral. Think we went the long way but also saw an interesting part of
Pula. More middle class/working class section. Got to the cathedral and it
was closed. Decided to walk a little further and ended up at a small square
flanked by the Forum on one side and a number of small bistros around. Had
some beers, wine, etc. and back to the boat. Streits had to pack up for an
early departure so we make an early dinner reservation at Gina. Thought
we'd walk to the restaurant but ended up calling a cab. Good thing as it
was about a two mile ride...up the hill! Had a wonderful Istrian dinner and
then back to the boat for an early turn in.

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