S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Thu 23 Jul 2009 13:47
42:46.1n 016:49.6e

Thurs Jy 23

Very light breeze. Motor 25m and anchor in the end of Mali Lago, Lastovo
7m, good holding, very protected bay. A dozen boats are anchored and there
is room for perhaps 4 more plus some stern to rocks on the NE. There is also
a larger harbour, Velgi Lago, to the south of the bridge but it is somewhat
deeper and the entrance a long way around the point.

Foreigners were not allowed access to Lastovo until the late '90's. The main
village of about 100 people is inland. Mali Logo is rimmed on the north by
new holiday homes, there is no village but a hotel and a couple of Kenobas
at the bridge to Velgi Lago. Velgi. There are a few shops in the SW corner
of Velgi where the ferry docks.

Both harbours are very attractive, heavily forested and crystal clear water.

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