S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Thu 12 Aug 2010 17:21

43:31.8n 015:57.8e

Thursday August 12

Arrive back at the boat with Don & Marjorie Lenz. Boat has been hauled, the
bottom done and looking in great shape. Generator still missing as we await
parts from the USA - should not be a problem. We ran it a total of 50 hours
in 2009 and have had little need for it yet. Dinghy over to the old village
across from the marina for dinner. Denis arrives next morning and we install
a replacement aft sewage pump in 30 minutes.

Ridiculous waste of time trying to check out of the Marina. When we arrived
Thursday I had gone to the office and asked them to prepare the bill. I had
wired payment on Monday. When I returned Friday, nothing had been done.
Reception could not find the payment and demanded I show them proof. After
returning with my laptop from the boat and showing the payment
acknowledgement, they could not print it out. Eventually they called in the
accountant who finds in a two minutes and is quite apologetic. It turns out
I have overpaid. I leave saying I will be back in 10 minutes to pick up the
receipt. When I return, I have to wait 10 minutes for the receptionist to
get off the phone, I am then told to be patient as I wait another 15 minutes
and it is not until I start filling out the complaint book that I finally
get action. We had great problems with these people in 2009 (See Agana June
9 2009) and it's incredible to have it happen again in 2010. This was the
worst service we have encountered in each of our years in Croatia. Between
Thursday and Friday, easily 1 1/2 hours to check out.