Pula Day 2

S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Tue 18 May 2010 06:32

Monday May 17

Last day on Monterey for this trip. Streits are off at 4:15 AM to continue
their journey to Spain. Cranes and Longmire's sleep in. Up about 9:30 and
a leisurely breakfast. We decide to see the rest of the sights in Pula in
spite of the rain. We don our rain gear and grab our umbrellas and head
into town. We go back to the Cathedral which is still closed. Then move on
to the Fort. Les takes the most direct way there, straight up, which gives
us all a little cardio workout for the day. By time we get to the fort it
is pouring!! Cats and dogs. We swim through the exhibitions which are
quite interesting and move on to the next attraction. We re-visit the Forum
and take a peek inside. Not too much to see but the fact that the exterior
is still in such good shape is remarkable. We then decide to visit the

Arch of Sergii a few meters up the street. Next to the Arch is a bar called
Elixes (Ulysses) which was a favorite hangout of James Joyce. Of course we
have to stop in for a beer, wine, etc. before venturing out into the rain
again. We head for the Church of St. Mary of Fermosa. Little did we know
that it was a church site and the church had been demolished. Oh well. And
we gave up on finding the famous mosaics. We know we were in the right area
but it was not very well marked so we must have missed it!! It continues to
rain so we decide to head back to the boat where Mags and Les make a
delicious salad Nicoise. That and a glass of wine. No restaurant can
compete! Mags and Linda clean up and start to pack while the guys ready the
boat for lock up. We'll have an early dinner and then to bed to get up for
our plane at 5:50 AM. Mags and Les are concerned about getting back to
Bermuda. Seems the ash from Iceland is causing problems with flights out of
London. AJ and friends may beat them to Bermuda. Linda and Doug are hoping
that they get their flight to Rome without any hitches.

It's been a great trip! Lots of laughs, sights, great food and wines and
lovely people in Croatia. And spending time with dear friends!! In spite
of the occasional rainy day we all had a magnificent time!! Ciao ciao!! -

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