S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Sat 30 Apr 2011 14:55

43:30.7n 016:06.8e
Saturday April 30

Arrive back in Agana with the Cooper bros, James W, Curtis and Duncan. Boat
in fine shape. Denis has applied his A Glaze and everything looking spiffy.
Some concern over suction level in forward head but we'll test that out
tomorrow. Excellent Calamari and Pizza at the tavern in town despite slow
service. Overcast skies on arrival turn to rain on our way to dinner.
Sunday morning and it's raining. The boat computer starts to grind and it
appears the hard disk has finally gone (I had written the computer off in
the spring of 2010 but it came back to life and worked well through 2010 and
a test 2 weeks ago.) Should not be a problem as my laptop has all the
programs. Try it out and realise the laptop doesn't have a serial port and
does not want to recognize the windows xp serial to usb converter we had on
board. Usual expenditure of time trying one thing and another until I get on
line and am able to find a driver that makes the converter work and after
another ½ hr of button pushing, get the Expedition Navigation program to
find Com Port 15 where the input is hiding.
Finish rigging the new Bamar asymmetrical spinnaker furler and find the
continuous loop is 4 metres too long. Wait until noon for a friend of Denis'
to come by to try splicing the line shorter. He arrives, determines he
cannot do it and suggests we have it done Monday morning in Split. So it's
off to Split for the night instead of Milna.

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