S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Wed 25 May 2011 20:55

38:22.8n 02032.3e

Wednesday May 25


We sailed along the south coast of Kefallonia then motored as the wind died
heading north along the west coast to Assos.

It appears there is a regular morning easterly that got up to 20 knots in
Agrostoli that dies off and is replaced by a moderate westerly in the early
afternoon. We saw the pattern in Agrostoli and again in Assos.

When we arrived in Assos we saw they had placed mooring rings along the
shore line since our visit last week. The placement is a bit hard to
understand as there are rings 5 feet apart but we are not complaining, it
made it much easier to put a line ashore. We tool a ring ¾ of the way out
the line and then moved well into the harbour so that we could lay our 70
metres of chain and dig it in well. While we appeared to have a good hold,
we know the bottom is sand and weed and so less than the best holding.

Ashore to have dinner at Platanos, a restaurant recommended by Planos and
Vicky at Casa Grec in Agrostoli. Excellent meat and mezes E23/pp

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