S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Sun 9 May 2010 13:54
Sunday May 9

This is the day when we all join up on Monterey. Streits and Longmire's are
at the hotel and Mags is arriving around 3. Streits and Longmire's are to
arrive at Monterey around 4:30 so in the meantime we walk around Venice, do
a little shopping and stop for lunch along the Grand Canal. Join the Cranes
and their friend James Watlington on Monterey. We do a quick change and
stop by the Danielle Hotel to pick up Duncan and Helen (friends of Cranes).
We went In search of a little Ossetia called La Mascareta for wine and
antipasti before going to a Vivaldi concert at the old prison which is next
to the Doge's palace. The concert is played by a sextet of the finest
musicians in Venice and is absolutely beautiful. The acoustics in the
loggia where they performed were fantastic as the music seemed to be coming
from all corners. What a wonderful and unique experience. After the concert
we went back to the Danielle for snacks and some wine J and then back to the
boat. Stayed up late chatting. - LL

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