S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Sat 15 May 2010 08:15
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Saturday May 15

Rainy day in Rovinj!!

We all hung around the boat until about 11:30 when Didi and Linda ran up to
the Konzum (local grocery store chain) to pick up some water and provisions.
We then decided to taxi up to the Cathedral and our taxi driver Emir made it
an event. Freddie Mercury blasting and slipping and sliding on the wet
stones leading up to the top. The Cathedral is dedicated to St. Euphemia
and dominates the town. Her copper statue on the top of the cathedral dome
can be seen from afar as you sail into the harbor. It is set on ball
bearings to move with the wind. The bell tower is modeled after St. Mark's
in Venice. Mags, Les and Chris decided to climb the tower. Very precarious
with worn steps. Those of us who didn't climb were happy we stayed behind.
"Very tricky" Mags stated. We walked down the hill and found a wonderful
little pizza parlor where we all shared pizza and wine. What could be
better?? We walked back to the in the rain. Quiet late afternoon. Dried
out, took naps, showers, etc. and sat around reading and talking.

At 9 PM one of Emir's friends took us up to our restaurant for dinner.
Monte's. Had to go back to the cathedral and walk down a short way to get
there. What an experience. This was the most beautiful restaurant we have
been in yet! Modern, set into walls of stone from possibly the 16th
century. Beautiful dark red walls with gold plaques. You had to see it.
Truly gorgeous. Not sure where to start on the food. The place settings
were very beautiful. They served a taster of prosciutto and ceviche. Then
another teaser of a small glass layered with homemade yogurt, sun dried
tomatoes, eggplant with an infusion of oregano on top. We all loved it!
Then our starters arrived. Can't begin to do justice to the presentation.
So clever, beautiful and delicious. Followed by the main courses, again
presented beautifully. Linda received a plate with two tomatoes and dots of
balsamic along with a small flowerpot with greens growing from a dark brown
earth that was actually a beautiful cous sous and salad. We really didn't
have room for dessert but decided to go for it because we wanted to see how
they would be presented. Les has taken some pictures but again, it was so
beautifully presented. words won't do it justice. A great restaurant.
Fabulous presentation backed up by excellent tastes. No need to mention
Chris' interest in the couple beside us having a heated game of tonsil

By the time we finished dinner it had stopped raining hard so the Cranes and
Longmires walked home while the Streits joined Emir's son for a ride home in
his cab. Les talked us into sharing a bottle of 'bingo juice' from Corsica.
Yum and a perfect end to the evening. Have to get up early to head to Pula
so we went to bed a little earlier than usual.

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