S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Mon 28 Apr 2014 21:32


32:70.1 N             27:15.7 E




April 28 2014


Back in Didim to get Monterey ready for launch. Barclay yachting has done a good job looking after things through the winter. Boat is first loaded into a transporter to move it to the travel lift. This allows them to pack the boats tightly but it is a bit un-nerving when they replace 80% of the jack stands with two posts just ahead of the keel. A bit of windage and it could be a mess.


Find a bit of weeping in the exhaust hose that turns out to be a crack in the exhaust elbow. A new part from Yanmar about Euro 1k if it were available but it is not. Barkin’s man Fathi manufactures a replacement from stainless pipe in 24 hours at a cost of E500. We go for a test run and hear some knocking from the prop. Back out of the water again, it’s Sunday and we sit in the slings while Fathi discovers the problem is a loose flange on the oil filled stuffing box. He manufactures a new flange and has us back in the water by the end of the afternoon. Fabulous service.


Finally on Monday we are off to Turkbuku.



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