S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Wed 9 May 2012 14:50
37:56.5n 022:56.0e

Wednesday May 9


Sail across the Gulf to Corinth. About 5 miles out from Corinth we watch a
thunderstorm walk toward us across rainbow coloured water. We quickly drop
sails as heavy rain near hail force arrives. It seems unusual to get real
rain - the precipitation we have seen so far in Greece has been limited to
the odd few drops as dark clouds scud by. The rain is followed by a bit of
breeze as we enter Corinth harbour.

We have too much draft for the marina and it's shallow entrance. The
commercial section of the harbour is surrounded by a high fence and we are
unsure whether we will be allowed to come alongside. We put Duncan ashore to
investigate. He gets clearance for us to tie alongside the east face of the
corner. The chart shows shallow water but as we edge in we find 5+ metres.
Port fee E8. We would have been in a bit of a spot had they not allowed us
to dock as there is no other shelter nearby. As we saw the following
morning, the Canal entrance would not have been suitable.

Thursday morning 5 of us pile into a cab (E30 return) to go up to
Acrocorinth - a magnificent site. The huge fortress stands almost 2000 ft
above the coastal plain. Inside the fields were a mass of wildflowers - red
poppies, blue and yellow flowers and silver mares tails.

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