S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Mon 8 Jun 2009 07:38
43:30.6n 016:07.0e

Rogers Knickers was not what we were looking for. While the reception girls
were very helpful, the Capitan Fran had a huge attitude. We had booked a
dock through April and presumed for our 11k we would be assigned a proper
spot. Fran said that monthly berth holders (trailer trash) were only allowed
to stay on the transit dock. Aside from the prospect of regular encounters
with wild charter boats, the berths face NE which is broadside to the strong
winds - the Bora NW and the Jugo SE.

Our friends Eddie + Fiona Young said they had a terrible time there a year
back being almost unable to get off the dock some days. They suggested we
look into Agana a few miles closer to Trogir.

The Jugo set in Friday night and it was rock and roll - gusts to 35.
Saturday morning I drove over to Agana and they could not be friendlier.
They gave us a protected berth bow to the Bora, stern to the Jugo. The
village is pretty with a medieval tower just across from us

We were stuck in RN by the Jugo Saturday. Things calmed down a bit Sunday
and we moved over to our new home. Met the neighbours and had a great dinner
at Robert's Konoba, made things fast and we are off back home to Bermuda

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