S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Sun 3 Jul 2011 14:32
39:37.2n 019:55.6e

Sunday July 3


Sail across the channel to Corfu island. Wind drops once behind the island
and we motor up to Corfu Town. Go stern to the inside dock at Noak Yacht
Club. There is only sufficient depth for us in the last few spots and we
nearly go aground clearing the outer bow lines. E65/ night with w&e.

Dinner in town at Del Sole - excellent Italian restaurant E25/pp. Court and
Denise join us from New York.

Phone for a cab the next morning and am told they are on strike. Walk up to
the town square next to the Liston where I find 3 cabs standing where there
would normally be 20. The first is empty. I ask the driver in the second if
he is available and he says "no we are on strike". I say that my daughter
has to get to the airport and he says "OK" and we are on our way - great!

Go for a day trip down the coast and anchor off Kaiser's Gate so the crew
can visit the Achelion Palace. Holding is poor so I stay aboard. Once
ashore, it is necessary to take a cab as the path to the palace is closed
and it is about 3 miles of winding road up to reach the gate. It's an
interesting place and well worth a visit.

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