Lefkas Canal Preveza

S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Tue 21 Jun 2011 15:14
38:57.0n 020:45.9e

Thursday June 2

Motor back through the Lefkada Canal. We had trouble passing through it on
the way south. There are no buoys on the north entrance to mark safe
passage around the sand spit. The electronic charts show a collection of
sand bars and there is constant silting. GPS degradation is several hundred
feet so that adds to the confusion. I chose to enter close to the north side
of the channel at low speed and grounded but was able to back off easily.
Moving a bit further south I knocked the edge of the dredging bouncing back.
Third time moving very gingerly we were in. Water remains shallow until the
buoyage starts well into the channel. It would be a great problem if there
had been any significant wind to blow us side to side. Thankfully the
prevailing afternoon breeze is westerly out the entrance. In speaking with
the captain of a 70 ft boat next to us in the Lefkada marina, he said he had
also gone aground and had to organise a boat to pull him off. He said
earlier that week there were two boats aground simultaneously.

On our return, there had been dredging done. We were moving very slowly
none the less. A boat behind offered to go ahead as he was familiar with the
route. We were glad to follow. You have to use the channel as it is a long
way around Lefkada but I would plan to pass early in the day before the
breeze is up.

On to Preveza where we plan to haul out at Preveza Marina (Ionian). Spend
the night side to the Preveza town quay then cross the harbour to Aktion for
our 0900 haul. Everything very professional, good steel frames and tidy
facilities. We had been advised this was the best of the 3 marinas - easy to
get along with, flexible on who works on the boat. Their 65 ton lift was
tall enough for Monterey with the forestay removed. They organised a
refrigeration mechanic from Lefkada - Vernon Kiddle @ Stiff Nipples 6932
818722 - great guy - quick and practical. He also runs a monthly van service
between the UK and Greece in the wintertime which would be good for parts
and sails.

Stayed ashore at the Captain's House in Preveza. Very nicely renovated home
just off the harbour. The manager Costas attended Wilfred Laurier in
Waterloo Ontario - could not be more helpful. Highly recommended! Arranged
our laundry with a shop across the street from the hotel. At E110, a bit
more expensive than I would have expected. We could have used machines at
the marina but everything including the underwear would not have been

Costas directed us to a good tavern Waoa a block south of the clock tower on
the main pedestrian street. Very good food. Similar plan to La Vinaria in
Lefkada - stick your head into the open kitchen and point out what you would

Back to London on Thomas Cook - a bit surprised when we arrived at the
airport 2 hours before takeoff and find the flight had been put forward an


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