Lefkada Lefkas Canal

S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Sun 26 Jun 2011 12:28
38:49.9n 020:42.7e

Saturday June 25

Lefkada Town, Lefkas Canal

Leave Preveza about 1100 and have a nice sail in W15 down to the entrance to
the Canal. Since our last passage three weeks ago, a new line of red buoys
has been put in place marking the south side of the channel - huge
improvement! We still proceeded very slowly taking a path about 5 metres
north of the line but the minimum depth we saw was 3.4 metres. It is nice to
see the authorities paying attention to the complaints.

Check into the Lefkada Marina, expensive at E$95 but handy. Town quay is
well populated and some boats are lying safely at anchor between the town
quay and the marina. Take advantage of the hose and give the boat a good

Nicky, Travis Rob Wykoff and Sarai Morgan arrive from London mid afternoon.
They had noticed a driver with a sign CRANE waiting for them and everything
went smoothly. The driver had her instructions to take Nicky from the
airport to the marina and had been pre-paid (but not by me!!). When the kids
thanked me later for organising the car and we figured out what must have
happened, we tried to track down the other Crane in the marina but to no
avail. The poor cab company must have had an ear full.

Dinner Sunday night at the Library - pretty restaurant opposite the town
library. Food good and priced ok but service very slow. All tourist
clientele. The background music was quite interesting however as we were a
few houses away from the open theatre hosting a Greek dancing show. We
dropped in for the last few minutes.

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