Hvar - Planikovac

S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Sat 14 Aug 2010 17:22
43:09.6n 016:25.0e

Saturday August 14 - Sunday August 15

Depart Vis and head for Bisevo Blue Hole. Day a bit overcast. Launch the
dinghy and Don, Marjorie and Mags head in as Les stands by. We are anchored
but in very deep water with little scope.

Sail then motor on to Planikovac opposite Hvar. Anchor with line ashore on
east side of the island. Dinner aboard. Wind swings South and anchor drags
in the early morning leaving us too close to shore. Cast off shore line and
anchor in deep water until morning.

Move to west side of Marinkovac later in the morning. Stern to wind 70
metres of chain out and 60 metres of line to shore. Go into Hvar to prowl
and climb to the fortress. Arrange for a water taxi to pick us up before
dinner and take us back later in the evening. K400 Ratko 915203798. Worked
very well. Great dinner at Luna - truffle dumplings, fried calamari.