Porec Day 2

S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Fri 14 May 2010 11:39
May 13, 2010

Beautiful morning in Porec. Les found a pastry shop and brought home some
croissants. We did a little light clean up and a few boat projects. Ladies
strolled into town and saw lots of jewelry shops and little boutiques. We
discovered a beautiful little art shop that we decided we needed to bring
the guys back to later. Girls went on to find a bank and grocery store.
Got caught in a thunder storm. Power went out in the grocery store.
Finally came back on and we hurried back to the boat in the pouring rain.
We made a yummy Panzanella bread salad for lunch (with some nice wine of
course). We then headed off to the basilica for a little sight seeing in
this 6th century Byzantine masterpiece. St. Euphrasius is also a world
heritage sight (UNESCO) meaning it can never be changed and must be
maintained to a certain standard. It is a very beautiful church and the
outside mosaics were amazing. Original mosaic floors have been retained.
We climbed to the top of the bell tower, phew! We were able to take a
short nap and then we were up for cocktails before heading off to Ulexis
restaurant for dinner. Food not great but the proprietress Sonia was very
entertaining and we ended up having a delightful dinner. Returned to
Monterey for a final glass of wine before turning in for the night.

After writing this blog the guys insisted we add some mention about their
boat prowess. Les directed the line splicing activities and Chris and Doug
now have a new skill to add to their resume. Les maintains his role as

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