Grand Harbour

S/V Monterey
Les Crane
Fri 15 May 2009 12:51
36:24.4 014:24.7
Friday 1:00
Sun is back out after a brief thunder shower - gave the boat a good coat of muddy rain.  Wind forecast looks ok.  About 70 degrees apparent moving forward. Speed initially 18 - 20 easing to 10 - 12. David, John & James back from touring Valletta. We plan to leave at 2:00.
Monday - Thursday
Curtis Beg & PLC arrive late Monday. James Watlington, John & David Cooper Wednesday. Active 3 days getting everything ready. Our new dingy looks great in it's bow chocks, dorades replaced with chrome plates. Manuel Island and RLR did a great job.
Several lunches and a dinner at Cafe Jubilee opposite the Manuel Island bridge - Great food and value - lunch with plenty of Cisk 8 euros pp. Dinner with John & Monique Wed, David and Claire Lewis Thursday.

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