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Date: 29 Jun 2011 14:29:00
Title: Fiskardo

38:27.7n 020:34.6e

Wednesday June 29


Nice breeze (WNW15) awaits us after breakfast so we beat upwind with a
double reef around the north end of Ithaca and west to Fiskardo on
Cephalonia. Arrive just before 1430 when we thought the tour boat should be
leaving opening a space for us on the town quay. Hover for about 20 minutes,
the boat leaves and we jump into place. The harbour is much busier than
three weeks ago. Boats are anchored with lines ashore half way out the north
side of the harbour.

Crew goes for a swim in the bay just south of town and I catch up on emails.
They return with scouting reports on a restaurant on the cliff at the
entrance to the harbour, Panormos,
and we book for dinner. Turns out to be a good choice - a bit up-market vs
our regular fare - excellent bruchetta, very nice Sea Bass, Calamari.
Bottles of Cephalonian wine rather than the usual liter jugs (E$25pp).

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