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Date: 20 May 2011 14:31:00
Title: Fiskardo

38:27.6n 020:34.6e


Friday May 20

Motor to Fiskardo at the north tip of Kefalonia. Drop anchor and back into
the stone pier at the end of the floating pontoon on the west side of the
harbour. Almost the only place we can get into with 2.5 metres draft. The
pontoon only has enough depth on the south end up to the mid way point
between most southerly and next utility stand. I suspect in the summer when
the harbour is full we would be running a line ashore onto the rocks on the
north side of the harbour.

Harbour is absolutely beautiful. Certainly the most up-market spot we have
seen in these islands. Lovely restaurants. Good Chandlery. 13E harbour fee.

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