Missing Info until 7 May

Sun 7 May 2006 20:05
Last few days have been a really hard time with the winds conspiring to
drive us nearly 30 miles north. It would have been loads more if we hadnt
just kept rowing sometimes at .1/10 of a knot for hours. to slip back at
6/10 every time a stroke was missed. A very hard time especially emotionally
as we had hoped to be within range of Antigua by now.
Only 110 miles in 7 days its like we could be here for ever.
Today we should have east winds which are great but there is still a lot os
south in themwanting all the time to make us miss the island.
All this conspired to us running seriusly short of food and out of range of
resupply from antigua and no boats about and all the rowing that was going
nowhere. Stress was huge until Liz and Pat arranged for a beautiful yacht to
to our position and they gave us about 10 days rations. The yacht approached
us at dawn and with its 12 paying clients in exclusive surroundings gave us
food in a small inflatable boat transfer. I found the whole thing quite
emotional and even refused a shower on the boat realising that we couldn't
leave the boat until the job was done. We apologised for our rudeness and
explained that it could dent our resolve. The skipper understood. It was
an extremely strange moment. Their food has been lovely but has brought
thoughts of nice things back into mind. We are determined to try and push
again southish when IF !!! the weather changes. The forecast is good but it
still blows from the south where we are. but always hopeful. 10 days to go