13 May

Sun 14 May 2006 00:35
Today we hve been putting into fruition the first part of the end game.
The current which had been sweeping us north is still there but is less
enabling us to go west if not south west.
The wind is SSE which doubles the effetcs of the current but so far hasnt
been too steep to push us north.
In 50 miles our "current" experts predict a change of current direction in
our favour..It should then begin to push us towards the finish. Nothing
taken for granted but in 2 nights our course has changed in our favour by 60
Its still there but weaker. I hope they are right about the change in

Just before dawn today we met with Talitha -G, a huge beautiful motor yacht
whos owner is one of the Getty family. Its a fare paying yachtb for ricch
passengers. The crew were taking it to Barcelona for the summer. They were
great and gave us food to help us along especially fruit and snacks. They
were fun and chatty and i enjoyed the crack with someone else. I'm sure Mike
did too. Oh Yes, we were asked aboard for a wash and brush up but declined
again for the same reasons as before.

Modern mid ocean rendevous are arranged by email and sat phone as well as
radio before either vessel became visible. Position, track, speed were
swapped by email until we meet up. The night was so calm we just cam along
the vessel, up against some giant fenders and chatted over the side of the
boat. The moon was full, just perfect. I didnt get emotional this time but
it was a special moment. Great fruit salad for lunch today.

Anyway i must rest now cos im rowing soon and Mike will want to add
something i'm sure. Lets hope the end game keeps playing.

Yes the rendezvous was really special. The ship came out of the night with
navigation lights only and then in a a moment was illuminated liike a
christmas tree as the deck lights all came on together. One of the
acquisitions from the Tlitha - G , much to Tim's disgust was fishing tackle,
offered without tequest. Its out tonnight so watch this space again for big

We are making our way down to the ocean currentr clapham junction of the
Atlantic Ocean, water is generally moving along with us at a track of about
310 to a longitude of 59W. We understand after that there is a chnge with
flow heading off down SW which we hope to hop on. It will be a chnge for us
to sit back and relax as the current does the work rather tha battling it
out and going backwards when we stop..As we row along we come across streams
of sea weed I believe these deliniate different flow patterns. All we know
is to expect trouble when we come across them.

No rendezvous tonight we are full up of bananas, all we have eaten today it
seems, for an uneventful night, we hope.

What a beautiful moon tohight with the path of light shimmering on the