Shark Attack Update

Sat 20 May 2006 15:31
Late in the afternoon yesterday a large shark about 3 - 4m decided to have a
taste of Fraser's Boat. A single attack occurred producing a piercing of the
outer skin of the boat below the water line. The piercing also extended
through into a small well just inside the hutch where we store the tools.
The piercing has resulted in the flooding of the lower bilge, an extensive
but relatively small volume. Water has entered the toolbox area and is at a
depth corresponding to the outside water level. No more of the other
watertight chambers on the boat have been affected as far as we are aware.
The coastguard have been advised of the situation and is being monitored. We
are continuing to row as normal. The additional water may cause a slowing of
the boat but the handling has not been affected.

Ironically we had carried out a risk assessment the day before to determine
what if anything could affect our ability to complete. Sinking was
considered and thought to be unlikely. Hmmmm. The boat is infact very safe
in that respect, the little devel would have had to have made matchwood of
us to sink us.

The reason for the attack ? Who knows, terratorial incident maybe. Other
attacks are known, one of the boats in the recent Woodvale Atlantic Rowing
Race was attacked repeatedly on one occasion I remember mentioning it to
Tim at the time. Tim's reaction was that it wouldn't hang around long with a
flare up its ar.... We had the flare ready for any second attack!

I don't believe it - STOP PRESS

There has been a small eruption on Monserrat! No worries I am told
apparently a 3 foot Tsumani has reached English Harbour. This is within the
normal tidal range and has done no damage. Whatever will happen next.
We are not too worried about this wave as we are already in a swell in
excess of 3 feet. It has now left Antigua and as far as we know caused no