21 March

Tue 21 Mar 2006 21:39

Life goes on aboard Fraser' Boat.

The rollers have arrived, quiet unassuming lumps of water that roam the
oceans. Get amongst them and you can be carried off and away. Not
spectacular at the moment but full of promise for the future.

Another food drama was revealed when we realised that water had again
entered one of our buoyancy tanks and damaged more food, so we have taken
all the perishable food out of the deck hatchs now and are living along with
it in the hutch. Now that we are truly 24 hour rowing we should never need
to be in the hutch together! Thank goodness. . This also gave us the
opportunity to see all our food again since leaving La Gomera. We are short
of food particularly snacks and of course porridge which has taken the bulk
of the damage. As both Tim and I are porridge fiends this is particularly
upsetting. Anyway the food search through up the cheese given to me by Fluor
where I am working part time in Haarlem (nr Amsterdam) it was merrily
maturing in the heat and made a superb dinner with oatmeal biscuits and
fruit cake. Thanks every one in Haarlem.

The onus is on me to catch the fish that will save us, What a
responsibility or we will emerge as stick men, some of us might anyway..
Some could can cope with this possiblity more than others, no names
mentioned of course. Anyway statistic are two bites and two lost hooks. I
have rigged up my hand line with stretchies to absorb the impact of the
strike.as I only hjave a hand line I am now using a wire trace to the hook.
Bait is the problem now, we have to await the little flying fish that land
on our boat overnight. One real fish would solve tha bait problem for good.
Their grown up friend seem to have better antenna and manage to avoid the
boat. Tim is sceptical but I'll show him.

Apart from this little food related interlude we are pressing on as before.