14 March

Tue 14 Mar 2006 19:32

Another nice day in the tropics. Sunshine light wind from the NE to speed us
along. We cannot lay our destination. For the technical we are taking a
course on our ships compass of between 300 and 270 deg Mag in the NE
wind.which is giving us a track of about 255 deg Mag. the bearing required
to the destination (Antigua) is 281 deg Mag.so our velocity made good to our
destinaionm is a component of our actual ground speed. Even so the forecast
ENE should allow us to lay Antigua. Before anyone points out that 281deg Mag
has northings that is not the case as the mag variation in these parts is
about 17 deg W.i.e.True west is 287 deg Mag.

Our GPS provides track bearing and VMG therefore we can try and minimise the
additional miles that we do when not heading straight for our destination.

Had a good day charging up batteries, water maker still ticking along.

Its surprising how the days just come and go. It is qiuite scary to think
that we have been on Frasers Boat out at sea for nearly 7 weeks. How many
more? We have our ideas but probably not appropriate to spectulate here. All
I can say it that we are making our best progress , the boat never stops
moving. Our routine is generally one hour on one hour off in turn throughout
the day with a number of 2 hour stints thrown in in the early hours or when
circumstances require. We have experimented with continuous rowing but just
found the effort too miserable to endure. We therefore end up with the boat
drifting free for two hours per night with us both asleep or at least trying
to sleep. This gives us both at least a four hour sleep per night. After all
we are not spring chickens out here! Tim insists on his kip.

Mick and Tim