6 March

Mon 6 Mar 2006 23:38

Today we had wind and waves aligned from the NE. This produced better seas
for us and enabled better speeds to be attained. However, his deteriorated
as the day progressed.

The problem with cooker still persists, the jet is blocked and only by
allowing gas to leak past a loosely fitted jet can we get a smokey flame.
The hole size for the jet is very small and we have nothing thin enough, not
even copper strands of wire. If anyone has any ideas we will try it. Soak it
in something or other. In the meantime we enjoy a reduced service from our
cooker and the cook.

We still get blue skies and warm weather, we found our first flying fish on
the decks this morning, Tiny Litttle an ocean rower has stated that we
should dry them,they taste like anchovies. We certainly will, no gas or
cooker needed also!

Forecast for the next few days are good so we go into our night of rowinbg
contented !