Heading SW

Tue 14 Feb 2006 17:11
The wind is in the right direction; the boat is better balanced with all the
next 15 days food with us in the rear cabin.;M.ick is doing extra rowing and
I'm dping food storage and balance; the sun is trying to shine; my elbow is
no worse; we did 36 yesyerday in a very confused sea; ---- so its not all

The night time rowing is the worst, i have only fleeting moments when i dont
hate it as the seas are so confused with all the past weather that its hard
to pick the right couse. Get it wrong and we all get soaked and a job to get
back going right again.

Yes , i agree with Tim regarding night time rowing it mind wrenching its all
that thrashing, loomimg shapes and flashes of foam coupled with cold, well
at least at the moment.

We are getting the hang of this rowing business so maybe thinks will get