17 April 2006

Mon 17 Apr 2006 21:21
Hi Tim here,
Sorry about yesterday. It was the reality that the job isnt even near
completed and much is to be done. An accumulation of fatigue and the need to
complete and end this most punishing routine, provided the chance for
negative thoughts to creep in the back door.
Alec you are right - I'm not that complicated and just need to get on with

So we have decided for the time being to put being too precious aside and
use positive tactics to achieve the goal.

All these southerly winds --- We lost ground if we went west so all night
and during today we went pretty much straight south with a touch of west.
The target was not to go north. We have made about 7 miles south. A very
poitive response.

A strain on the food.----We had 2 x10 day packs left. That was easy we now
have 2x 12 day packs. That was just so easy to stretch the rations. I (not
we in this case) have enough to keep me going to the winter.

Missing Antigua. ---- Sort things out when we know where we will cross into
the Carribean. We will have a ground team in place there to coordinate if a
tow back to a harbour is required. By then we will have achieved our goal.

Not moping about --- Today has been a hard rowing day on purpose, better
sweating than moping and the miles south prove it against the wind etc. Mick
fixed the pump on our spare (and just broken) water maker. We both did our
laundry and did all over washing and ate a good tea of mash and cod +
american sardines, pudding was desert of survival rations ( like a thin
porridge with custard powder), a choice of cold tea and coffee ( all soaked
for ages to take the full flavour) and an energy drink. All to the
background of Madonna.

The weather has been sunny and we have full water tanks and laptop is fully

Still plowing on at .7 of a knot but one thing that is certain about an
ocean is that it always changes.