14 May

Mon 15 May 2006 00:12
Hi there

We are playing out the end game. The objective is to get to
English Harbour
and row in. Seems straightforward enough but nothing has been that
straightforward. We have sea state, weather and currents to consider.

Its early morning and we are making steady progress on a track of 245 to pin
English Harbour. Pinching ever so slightly but holding the correct course .
Current action is minimal at the moment but we are heading for a large
current, a SSW we understand which we know to run through a point 17 52N 59
20W at a
massive 1.5 kn. This should help us to eat up the northings and we will stay
in it as long as it takes. We are trying to find out details
of it extent.

At the moment we are a position 18 21 N 58 45W. Our destination way point
off English Harbour is 17 00N 61 47 W.

Therefore we have to make 81nm S and182 nm W (approx). A distance as the
flies of 190nm. Over the days leading up to arrival we will be monitoring
these to see how we fare against wind and wave. Place your bets now will we
get to or will we not. We can assure you we will go all out for
the former.
Hi tim here,
Thank goodness we have
another thing to worry about. I was getting very bored with "northings and
I just would love to row into the harbour but near is great. I hope these
currents do stay in our favour and the weather forcasts stay accurate. I've
had my money on the harbour for 100 + days but eventually we'll see.

As I finish off today's blog we are rowing against the effect of a 320 true
going current. Its effect has been accentuated by the wind and waves during
the day but its effect is now abating and we are starting to get on top of
it. The forecst for tomorrow is a steady Easterly as opposed todays SE. This
will help to push us along to our south going current and Antigua. Watch out
for more news!

On the food front we had the last of the mangos today, still the pineapple,
grapes , kiwi fruit, cherry tomatoes, oranges and numerous apples left.
Things aren't so bad after all.,