Poet´s Corner

Fri 27 Jan 2006 18:47
With apologies to Edward Lear -

The Mick and the Timothy went to sea
In a beautiful rowing boat.
They took some champers
And fantasy hampers
To row across the moat,

Our Mick look up to the stars above
And sang to his brother in oar,
"Oh, make us a kipper tie, our Tim,
Digestives to the fore!
The Fore,
The Fore,
Digestives to the Fore!"

Timmy said to his mate,
"I think it's too late. The bikkies have sprung a leak.
Oh let us be going,
Too long we've been rowing.
It must be over a week."

So they rowed away for a year and a day
To the land where the George Bush grows.
And there in a wood
A Patty Watt stood,
With a drip at the end of her nose,
Her nose,
Her nose,
With a drip at the end of her nose.

"Eh, Mick! Are you willing
To sell for one shilling
Your boat?" Said our Mickey, "All right!"
So she took it away and they sold it next day,
To a man who they'd met in the night.

The dined on cake and slices of hake
Which they ate at the Royal Oak Inn.
And arm in arm at the edge of the farm
They danced by the Lights of The Green,
The Green,
The Green,
They danced by the Lights of the Green.

Great Stuff Angela