Parked up in the Ocean

Mon 6 Feb 2006 12:21
6th Feb 06 Monday

Yesterday we struggled to make much headway against a very confused sea and
a growing SE wind. It began as an easterly then overnight more south crept
into the wind. This means that the wind blows from the south and prevents us
making any progress toweards our waypoint roughly on 25 degress north 25
west. We rowed non stop for 24 hours but eventually put out our sea anchor
and got some rest. The sea anchor is a huge parachute layed out in the sea
to try and stop the wind blowing us a long way back where we have already
rowed. We have had breakfast and the wind is still SE force 5 we are doing
jobs around the boat, cleaning, sleeping and looking for a change in
weather. We dont know how long we will have to wait for thje wind to
change, but always optimistic. It gives our sores bits a little chance to
recover in the "fresh air" if you know what I mean.

By the way the sea anchor holds the front of the boat into the waves but it
exposes the cabin if we leave the hatch open as we keep getting water thown
at us. I dont want to soak the laptop!!
We run the anchor out on 2 ropes from of the boat ,one holds our selves to
the anchor and the other is fastened to the middle of the chute to collapse
it when it needs to be retreived. A lot of clutter ondeck when it all goes
out especially as we have to avoid tangles.

Thanks agin for all your emails as both Mick and I look forward to them
arriving. Everyone take care at home and we will try to keep you all
updated. Again apols if we dont answer all the emails but with emails from
past friends as well as current friends and family remind us about the
importance of friendships. We have also got emails from those we have never
met but are interested in our row.